Harsh Jain

Predictions of Produce led, meme 2021 and other read ..

Hi, Happy Wednesday,

As we enter the new year, there are a lot of predictions being made. What we can see is most of them are based on data showing us a clear path. …

Product-Led Growth, Pivot and other reads..

Hi! Happy Monday,

Product-Led growth has a brief history, but everyone notes the impact it has created in the market. From the likes of Slack to Notion, products going viral with minimal sales effort and Product qualified leads leading conversion, we see the era of Products is just starting.


UX for action, Tech for PM and other articles..

Hi! Happy Monday,

I was proud when I had delivered on PMF and found it with my product hitting 0 to 1000 requests per month. But finding a PMF in an established organisation where you can cross-sell is much less a…

Product in 2022, stages of 0->1 and other product articles..

Hi! Happy Sunday Tuesday,

To start, an apology for missing so many weeks and also a big thanks to members who reached out. For some time, I have been full on personal basket — I got married and, as many…

Validations tips from expert, obsession with acquisition, and other reads..

Hi! Happy Sunday,

I initially used to believe coming up with great ideas is a super-power. But experience has taught me that if you look around, there is no shortage of ideas. …

Design psychology, gowning specialization in product and other reads

Hi! Happy Sunday,

Onboarding is a topic I see running hot in the product community. Given there is an approximate 60% drop in the initial sign-up process, everyone wants to cut down the funnel leak before users grasp product value.

Harsh Jain

Opinionated Product Manager — Product @YourStory.com

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