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Finest-5 Product reads #15

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Important frameworks to keep in mind as a Product Manager

We all know finding structure in ambiguous problems is the most important part of the job. It’s always a good exercise to revise some of the core frameworks of Product Management. Continue reading..

Key Takeaways:

  • Hook Model Canvas is a staple during the early product planning stages.
  • Value Proposition Canvas to understand customer values and the pain points.
  • OKR is a key framework to define the measure of success for each feature update within the product.

How excellent user research can improve retention + 2 Case Studies.

Retention is a major pain for product managers across small and large product teams. Everyone knows user research is important for the product. However, here a couple of case studies can help you understand the impact of user research on retention. Continue reading..

Key Takeaways:

  • Three major retention stages: Early-stage retention, Growth-stage retention, Mature-stage retention
  • Recently, many over-hyped products quickly lost their novelty, showing customer loyalty is fickle.
  • 3 practical tip: Know your customers best, Tighten your products’ reward system, Motivate action

Types of growth strategies (+ 9 innovative examples)

Growth of a product is something I believe everybody is trying to solve, but there is no well-defined solution. Here are a few strategies and success stories that you shall read to get an insight into what growth is and how we can achieve it. Continue reading..

Key Takeaways:

  • Contrary to popular belief, a growth strategy is not necessarily focused on short-term earnings; growth strategies can be long-term, too.
  • Growth strategy should include: Goal, people, product, tactics
  • If you’re clear about your growth strategy and the path to achieve it, teams will feel they can contribute to the company’s success

Boost your subscription business with these 7 techniques.

Subscription has been the core of today’s products. From timesaving tools to content, almost all products today are moving to the subscription model. But there is always the challenge of customer growth and retention, let’s look at some techniques to settle them. Continue reading..

Key Takeaways:

  • 75% of customers were happy to pay a premium price for customizable experiences
  • 60% of them would rather pause their subscriptions than cancel them
  • It is important to A/B test your payment methods. Customers are constantly changing and so are their preferences.

Important B2B SaaS Metrics PMs Should Understand (part 1)

Metrics, though, look similar for B2B and B2C, they differ a lot in terms of its nitty-gritty. We can look into this piece to understand which B2B SaaS metrics are important and how to track them. Continue reading..

Key Takeaways:

  • We can translate the core concepts into: CAC, APRA, COS, Retention
  • 3 models of SaaS: Freemium, Paid with trial, Paid without trial.
  • “Product Led Growth” is a lower cost option to attract and get paid customers, it’s obviously a win-win when it works.

Product of the week: Integrately

To start with, it’s an alternative for Zaiper. But it has a lot of advantages ranging from lower pricing, ease of use and flexibility of tools. I love how it has a low learning curve. I just landed on the page and could automate a few things in a matter of minutes.

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