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Finest-5 Product reads #20

Product Led Growth, Minimum viable product manager, and other reads..

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We all know there is a hype about Product-led growth. As digital products become easy to build, the market is exploding, leading to a higher competition for niche and superior products. With so many things controlled by product and increased cost of acquiring customers, we are getting a decade of Product-led growth.

Why Product Led Growth Is Having It’s Moment Now

Product led growth is one of the most talked about words when we hear how companies need to scale. The era of sales and marketing being the center stage for growth, is now moving towards how your product can sell itself. Continue reading..

Key Takeaways:

How to Show Validation When You Have None

Well, the repeated discussions I have had over time are what we need to show validation. Do we need to build Product MVPs that take months before saying this thing will not work? Or do we figure out answers early on? Continue reading..

Key Takeaways:

A/B Testing Alternatives for Low-Traffic Websites

PMs wish to A/B test almost everything, but truth is harsh and only few things, if possible, can be tested this way. Hence, we should always learn to have faster and lower cost alternatives that can help to provide usability understanding without A/B. Continue reading..

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Minimum Viable Product Manager

If you are a Product Manager, you know the never ending challenges you must have faced in your initial years. Well, somewhere it was due to lower experience or lesser grip on a skill. But in the end, leaders should manage this so you or others grow better into a product person. Continue reading..

Key Takeaways:

Designing Empty States in Complex Applications: 3 Guidelines

There is no way you and I can avoid default screens. Where there is an error or empty screens, I see an opportunity for another related task or to pass some important message. We should always use these spaces, so we can derive value from nothing. Continue reading..

Key Takeaways:

Product of the week: UsabilityHub

Remote user research platform

If you want to get some quick insights on your product or there are changes you want to do on your web page, UsabilityHub can be a good tool to get insights. Reviews of the tool are great and so are features it provides. You can so easily track so many things from user flow to 5 second tests.

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