Finest-5 Product reads #29

React Explained for Product Managers

  • React is a complex engineering solution that helps developers build user interfaces
  • We can think of React in three layers: Components & hooks, Core Algorithm, Browser
  • React has a comprehensive ecosystem. There are communities, platforms, and libraries for almost every aspect of web development.

How “aha moment” and the path to it change depending on the use case

  • Onboarding and activation bridge the gap between the objective value of the product and the subjective experience of the user.
  • For different use cases, the added value and the “aha moment” and the conditions for its achievement differ significantly.
  • Some products solve many tasks for users. But users often start using the product for one or two key tasks, and later adopt other use cases.

Your guide to reverse trials

  • Freemium or free trial is a false trade-off. The reality is that you can have your cake and eat it, too.
  • Offering a free version can make less sense when revenue is a top priority. It may create an expectation that the product shouldn’t be ‘expensive’, or anchor users at a lower price point.
  • With the reverse trial approach in mind, I’d recommend giving away freely any feature which enables and accelerates top-of-funnel user growth.

Un-BELT your consumer problems to create successful infrequent products

  • If the behaviour already exists, there is likely enough consumer inertia for two reasons for an infrequent product: switching costs and searching costs.
  • When identifying consumer problems, a lot of people get hung up on solving transient problems first instead of focusing on the problems that actually matter.
  • Products often underestimate the value of meeting expectations while overestimating the value of exceeding customer expectations.

3 Methodologies to Making Data the Heartbeat of Your Business

  • Some take a “data-driven” approach, using collected data directly to make decisions
  • Some take a “data-informed” approach, analysing multiple data inputs in context, leveraging individuals’ experience and knowledge.
  • Some are “data-inspired,” particularly when there is little to no data and only proxy information, experience, and intuition on which to rely.

Product of the Week: Ballpark



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